NOTD: Revlon Aquamarine

It was a surprise when I received the second package from the Revlon Selects program.

This time, it was all nail products from the LE Runway collection:
– Chroma Chameleon nail polish in Aquamarine
– ColorStay long wear nail polish in Mocha from the Nude collection
– Nail art 3D Jewel appliques WildFlowers in Hyper Floral (18 appliques in the box).

New products are always exciting, nail or makeup. Thanks, Revlon!

This post features Revlon Chroma Chameleon nail polish in Aquamarine.

Described as a colour-shifting multi chrome finish, Aquamarine shows its lighter blue sheen stronger with direct flash, both on the nails and in the bottle. I would say the duochrome effect is there but subtle on this one. You can see the darker blue base near the edges of the nails.

This is two coats with good opacity and no application issue. It is just a tad more frosty than I would like, I always prefer metallic or even matte than frost finish.

With this angle, you see more of the darker blue colour, so yes duochrome look totally depends on lighting and how you look at it.

Aquamarine last more than 2 days on my nails, pretty good over all. I do wish the colour shift was more prominent, since I always welcome more duochromes from drugstore brands. No, there isn’t enough of those in the world just yet 🙂

Good for Revlon to start paying more attention to what we asked for. Just a bit more duochrome “fairy dust” in there and Aquamarine could be a winner!

This was the display of the whole Chroma Chameleon line I spotted in store. 8 shades in total, each has 4 bottles. And as mentioned, they are Limited Edition.

Regular retail price is about $8.95 a piece. The sale sticker was from a few weeks ago when Lawtons had a promotion on Revlon nail polish, if you are wondering.

Colour selection is on the cool tone side, lots in gold, blue and green colour family. I kinda sorta want bolder and non traditional colour-shifting like yellow and red, blue and pink, or multichromes, if we can get to that 🙂

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