NOTD: Revlon Chocolate Truffle

Here is the famous Revlon Parfumerie in Chocolate Truffle! It is not famous because of the colour, as I don’t normally enjoy brown nail polish, but because of its availability.

If you remember my Canada vs. US post, Chocolate Truffle is the only shade that Canada did not get in the Parfumerie collection. I had to resort to my US friend for it recently.

So finally I have it on my greedy hands. I did one thick coat here, which looked fine in normal daylight but showed some uneven spots under flash. I would do two coats next time.

As expected, the colour, though it stays true to the name, does not wow me nor my skin tone very much. What wows me is the scent.

I don’t know if I said it enough, but most scents from the Parfumerie collection are quite fun and pleasant. Chocolate Truffle does end up smelling like a chocolate treat, even from underneath a top coat. Gentle and does not fade too quickly either.

A quick post today, as I am still dealing with muscle pains from shoveling packed frozen snow last night. Never procrastinate shoveling on a -20 degree day, as the work would triple when everything turns rock hard, I tell you 🙂

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