NOTD: Sally Hansen Grape Going

My very first… Ruffian manicure.

With as many nail blogs as I subscribe to, it’s not a surprise that a NOTD – Ruffian style is in order. I just wanted to see whether I could do it 🙂 And weekend would be perfect time to experiment.

I stayed up late Friday night to clean up the place, and obviously I needed a new manicure Saturday morning, something fun and adventurous.

I picked China Glaze Millenium for the base colour. Thought silver would be more interesting than gold and in the same cool colour theme. I still suck with foil finish, it’s very easy to screw up a mani with foils.

The main colour is the gorgeous Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Going. It is a pretty purple with blue sheen/ duochrome, depending on which angle you look at it.

I should have stopped at 2 coats of Grape Going, when it was a nice balance between purple and blue showing up on my nails. I found that at 3 coats, the purple was a bit too dark and overwhelmed the blue a bit. Plus, total of 4 coats on the nails might be a bit too thick.

I still need practice with making the perfect reverse moons. I was lucky as the wide brush of Insta-Dri did help tremendously with that already. It’s not too bad for my first time, is it? 🙂

It was almost 1 month since the day I sprained my ankle. so I thought I could have a little break from the brace. I went without it on my day around town, and I paid the price. The shoes weren’t as comfortable as I thought, and I started to limp a little bit. So yeah, I will have to stick with the brace for a little while longer 🙁

Also note to the ladies that commented on my Calypso Minerals disaster and the First update posts, I will be posting an update soon. Stay tuned.

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