NOTD: SpaRitual Improvisation

Another red-ish colour, for the holiday – SpaRitual Improvisation.

I don’t normally come across this brand easily, except for the Winners/ Marshall group of stores.

This particular shade was from the clearance section for $3.

SpaRitual has proven to be a brand that creates lots of good-looking polishes by the look in the bottle, but the performance on the nails sometimes differs. I found myself buying quite a few bottles just for the look and then played the luck game with them on the nails 🙂

Improvisation looks more of a muted pink with a hint of red, instead of straight-up red. The green/ blue sheen is more random on the nails than in the bottle, only when the light hits.

Pigmentation wise, it is still a little sheer after 2 coats. I would add another coat or probably just add this shade to the layering polish pile.

I lost my favorite mani/ pedi place near my mom’s house, so I haven’t had any fancy-looking NOTDs to show you like previous years. Wanted to do a Christmas-theme mani for you, but you know how bad I am with nail art, so we’ll see.

We went to the beach for 3 days last week. I was “unplugged” totally and went without makeup the entire time, felt so liberated. Still had my nail polish on though 🙂

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