NOTDs: Jade Hologram & Rainbow

There has been sunlight (liquid gold as I call it) in the sky in the last few days, and I have gone holo crazy! I am showing you 6 of Jade’s latest Hologram & Rainbow shades I bought a while ago.

This is Psicodelica, a silver, slightly sheer after 2 coats but I surprisingly like it better this way, because of the nude base I think.

Mystic Gold is just simply golden (pun intended) with just one coat. I trust that with holographic nail polish, pictures speak louder than words so I won’t be too wordy 🙂

Fasten your seat belt and put on your sunglasses, as it is getting more crazy from this point on. Fascinio Violeta, a violet, 2 coats, with random sheer/ bald spots.

Vermelho Surreal, described as a red, turns out to be more of a pinky red than a traditional classic red.

Uau, an orange, 2 coats.

The 5 shades above are categorized as Hologram but this next one, Mirage, a turquoise, is from the Rainbow line. I can’t say I see the differences.

I am sad Jade is leaving the nail polish market, judging by the quality of these shades – easy to apply, last reasonably long with a top coat and the holo effect are strong in the sun or with flash (more calm/ subtle in the shade, but that is expected).

If you don’t know already, however, Jade’s bottles are small (8ml), retail $6.50 each.

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