NOTDs: Rainbow Honey Final Battle

Happy New Year’s Eve to those who celebrates! I am super nostalgic today, but also in a festive mood. So let me show you festive nails 🙂

This is Rainbow Honey Hellfire from the Final Battle collection (Fall 2013).

A perfect “Party in Asia” nail colour because of the gold and red (among other colours), very appropriate for the occasion today. The gold glitters are super reflective, especially under yellow lights. If I were out partying tonight (which I am not), these nails would be handy.

I did two coats of Hellfire, it shows great glitter intensity. Also great glitter shape combination – stars, bars, small and large squares, and they equally disperse on the nails. You don’t know what shapes you will get on your nails until all the layering is done 🙂

The clear base makes it a good glitter top coat on top of almost every colour. Here I chose a pale pink nude, la couleur couture 1992, 2 coats.

And if you already celebrated New Year at the beginning of the year (hah!), I have something equally fun for you – Rainbow Honey Lifestream, from the same collection.

The mint fever is definitely not over, cause I am so in love with this combination.

Lifestream houses mint and white glitters in its clear base, and it is natural that I layer it over a mint base – la couleur couture 1968, 2 coats each.

On my middle finger is Lifestream by itself, it is transparent, ethereal looking. If you layer it over a sheer nude base, you would have very eye-catching mannequin hands 🙂

The small bottle size of Rainbow Honey shades (5ml) is for samples only, provided by Nailpolish Canada for review. The full size (15ml) retails $11.50, with free shipping on all Canadian orders.

Don’t party too hard tonight (or this weekend), but do wear something red (or festive). Have a great new year, everyone!

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