Notification of Blasting Operations

This is to inform you that construction operations on Lot RP-01, Larry Uteck Boulevard are scheduled to commence shortly. As part of these operations, we wish to advise that blasting required to complete rock excavation will be commencing on or about November 10, 2009, with an anticipated duration of approximately one month. There will be no blasting on weekends or statutory holidays.

While these blasting operations will be noticeable to occupants of nearby buildings, the project is monitored to ensure compliance with HRM Blasting By-Law B-600.

Contact numbers:

Blasting contractor: A.C.L. Construction Limited 481-4535.

Our firm has been retained by A.C.L. Construction Limited to respond to any blasting-related concerns you may have. Any questions arising from the blasting can be directed to the undersigned.

Thank you.

Yours truly,


Darren Ibsen
Project Manager

Photo credit: ~Ilse from Flickr

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