Nova Scotia, A Must See Canadian Province and Seafaring Heaven

Why Is Nova Scotia Such a Heaven on Earth?

To outsiders, Nova Scotia is just a small blip on the radar. One of the many provinces Canada has to offer today. Yet, if you take a closer look, or even if you visited yourself, you would soon realise that Canada is a fantastic place. One of the real gems of the country is Nova Scotia. Reasonably secluded, the province is beautiful and often likened to heaven on Earth. Sure, the climate isn’t the warmest, but this shouldn’t stop you from putting your warm clothes on and giving Nova Scotia a visit. And, if you miss some comforts, such as casinos, we recommend that you try free American roulette online. Since Nova Scotia is bang on the border with the United States, it makes perfect sense to be able to enjoy a true gaming staple such as the American version of the popular roulette wheel. But before that, what’s there to see in Nova Scotia?

More than Plenty to See in Halifax and Nova Scotia

If someone has told you that there is nothing much to enjoy and see in Nova Scotia, they can’t have been very honest with you. Nova Scotia actually has plenty to offer. You can pick from a delightful variety of natural beauties and monuments and sights charged with historical significance.

Visitors are very welcome to explore Nova Scotia’s fauna as they see fit, but not visiting Cape Breton Highlands National Park would certainly be a big mix. This Canadian national park won’t introduce you to dangerous wildlife, but it will make up for that by offering some of the most beautiful autumns you have seen.

The boreal forest is one of the sights here, and it has been actively restored with the help of the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources. If you want to trace some of the historic settlements in Nova Scotia, we recommend that you hop over to Halifax.

Halifax or When the English Settled First

The Halifax National Historic Site is definitely worth a visit. The place is quite neat, and you will have a blast enjoying what a late version of Jamestown is. Named Fort George, after King George III in October 1798, you can get a taste of what life back then used to be like.

As one of the most protruding provinces in Canada, seafarers had it a little easier than most sailors in reaching their home did. Sure, the terrain proved a little unorthodox, but that proved easier to defend, and once you studied the landscape, invaders found themselves at a significant disadvantage.

If you insist on exploring some wildlife, after all, we recommend heading directly for the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Yes, there are a lot of artefacts to check, some 30,000 in fact, and you will enjoy yourself going through what is the living history of seafaring in and around Nova Scotia.

There are 70 small craft and a steamship to see too, and they successfully capture the evolution of seafaring in Canada, and specifically Nova Scotia.

Visit the Many Sights Nova Scotia Has

Nova Scotia will offer you a delightful variety of things to see, try and ultimately enjoy. You will find yourself having to cherry-pick between places to see it all. Don’t worry, though, and make sure to slack your pace a bit and visit the Halifax Public Gardens or drop by the Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site.

You would probably want to stop by Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site and Point Pleasant Park, so make sure to give these a visit. If you love art, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia awaits you. All in all, the entire province is beautiful, exciting and has something fresh to make your experience there so much better. Just pick whatever it is you prefer and enjoy it in full!

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