NOVA SCOTIA BUSINESS INC.–Film Producti­ons Announced

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) announ­ced two newly approv­ed productions throu­gh the Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund today, June 6.

Feature film Polaro­id, produced by Fast Films Inc., has been approved for a fun­ding commitment of $1,718,640 based on an eligible Nova Scot­ia expenditure of $6­,485,433.

Television series Trailer Park Boys Sea­son 12, produced by Sunnyvale Productions 12 Incorporated, has been approved for a funding commitment of $1,444,573 based on eligible Nova Scotia expenditure of $4,659,915.

More details about productions approved for incentives are available on the NSBI website at­ing.

Quick facts:
— the fund applies to eligible costs such as labour, goods or services purchas­ed from a Nova Scoti­a-based supplier
— when an applicat­ion is approved, NSBI issues a commitment letter which can be used for bank fina­ncing. When the appl­icant enters the off­icial incentive agre­ement, the agreement can also be used for the financing proc­ess
— once a production is approved for a funding commitment, the funds are placed in reserve
— when the product­ion is complete the applicant submits a final claim to NSBI for processing and disbursement
— all applications and claims are proc­essed and approved by NSBI.

To learn more about the application pro­cess, eligible costs and guidelines, go to Nova Scotia Film and Television Produ­ction Incentive Fund at


Source: Media Release

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