Nova Scotia eligible voters can now register online

It is now easier for Nova Scotians to be added to the Voters List! Starting today, voters can register online from the Elections Nova Scotia website.

Information on the “Get on the Voters List” page will explain options for voter registration, including the ability to register with both Elections Canada and Elections Nova Scotia through the Elections Canada Online Voter Registration system.

“Teaming up with Elections Canada to register Nova Scotian voters for provincial or federal elections makes sense in at least two ways.” says ENS Chief Electoral Officer Richard Temporale.  “It is a convenient one-stop registration process for the voter and this collaboration synchronizes our efforts to gather timely, accurate and secure voter data for both electoral agencies.”

More than 450,000 Nova Scotians are already on the Voters List and, as eligible voters, they will be mailed a Voter Information Card (VIC) when an election is called.

During an election, if you’re not on the list, you can still register when you go to vote.

Voters are added to the Nova Scotia Register of Electors from a variety of federal and provincial sources, including the National Register of Electors at Elections Canada.

Anyone who is a Canadian citizen at least 18 years old and has lived in the province at least six months can be added to the Voters List.

Voters may also choose to complete an application form (available online) and mail it to ENS or call 1-800-565-1504 for assistance.


Source : Media Release

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