Nova Scotia Legislature Launches Renewed Website

The Nova Scotia Legislature has a new, more accessible website.

The aim of the renewed website, launched today, Dec. 13, is to improve and expand access to information about the legislature and the work of members of the legislative assembly.

“The website is a valuable tool for communicating to and educating people about the various functions, procedures, traditions and people that serve as the legislative branch of the government,” said Speaker of the House Kevin Murphy. “This new website has greater functionality and accessibility for users and maintains our commitment to transparency and responsible government.”

The website,, features integrated legislation and bills, quick access to top tasks, and a responsive design. Users will have a customized experience based on their preferred device. The website was launched in 1995. Nova Scotia was one of the first provincial jurisdictions in Canada to have an online presence.

The legislature was also the first provincial jurisdiction to adopt Twitter, and recently expanded its social media presence to YouTube and Facebook.

The launch coincides with the birth of Joseph Howe, journalist, politician and public servant. He championed access to information and dedicated his political career to furthering the public good.

“The renewed website builds on Nova Scotia as a jurisdiction of firsts – all for the public good,” said Mr. Murphy.

The new website is in both English and French.

Source: Release

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