Nova Scotia puts a temporary stop on restaurant sector immigration applications due to high demand

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), a key driver for immigration and labor market solutions in Nova Scotia, has announced a temporary halt on accepting applications from the Accommodations and Food Service sector starting from noon, April 17, 2024. This sector has seen an unprecedented surge in applications, leading to concerns about exceeding the federal allocation limits provided to the province. “We will be continuing conversations with our partners in government and the industry to ensure we support the food & beverage sector on their immigration and/or labour challenges” said the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia in a release today.

The pause is a strategic decision by the Immigration and Population Growth (IPG) branch of Labour Skills and Immigration to manage the intake and ensure there are enough spaces for other critical sectors like healthcare and construction. While no new applications from the Accommodations and Food Service sector will be accepted post the announced time, the IPG office will continue to process and assess files that have already been submitted.

This development comes at a time when Nova Scotia, particularly Halifax, has been increasingly reliant on immigrants to fill labor shortages in the hospitality sector. The NSNP streams have been instrumental in addressing these shortages by allowing employers to recruit foreign workers where local talent is unavailable.

The province’s decision to temporarily halt applications highlights the challenges and pressures faced in balancing sectoral demands within the immigration system. The NSNP has various streams such as Skilled Worker, International Graduate Entrepreneur, and others that continue to operate and accept applications from other sectors.

Employers and prospective immigrants in the affected sector are advised to stay updated through the Nova Scotia Immigration website for further announcements and guidance on when the pause might be lifted and how they can prepare for future application opportunities.

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