Nova Scotia RCMP and CAA Atlantic have partnered up to provide tips to help keep motorists safe this winter

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Nova Scotia RCMP and CAA Atlantic have partnered up to provide tips to help keep motorists safe this winter.

With winter weather well underway, RCMP and CAA are encouraging motorists to take the necessary steps and to change their driving habits to be safe on the roads when the snow falls.

“The best advice for drivers when the roads are messy is to slow down,” says Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, Public Information Officer with the Nova Scotia RCMP. “Many collisions we see are a result of people driving too fast for the conditions.”

Here are a few other tips from Nova Scotia RCMP:

· Check conditions. Check weather and road conditions before heading out and adjust your expected arrival time accordingly.

· Keep a winter emergency kit with items to keep you warm and hydrated if you become stranded on the road. For more information, visit: Canadian Red Cross.

· Keep calm. Remaining calm and focused will allow you to respond better to unexpected challenges on wintery roads. Remember, other drivers are dealing with the same challenges.

“It’s important for the vehicle and the driver to be prepared for winter conditions”, says Julia Kent, Director of Public & Government Affairs with CAA Atlantic. “How you adapt your driving is key to staying safe on the roads.”

CAA recommends these tips to keep you as safe as possible on the roads:

· SLOW DOWN. Remember speed limits are for ideal conditions only. Ideal conditions are dry pavement, clear skies, no precipitation and above zero temperatures.

· Increase your following distance. This allows everyone any extra room required in the case of losing control of a vehicle.

· See and be seen. Take the time to clear your car of all snow, frost, ice on windows and lights. This gives you the best visibility, but also makes you more visible to other road users.

Nova Scotia RCMP will be sharing #WinterWise advice throughout the winter. Follow @RCMPNS and @CAA_Atlantic on Twitter and Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Nova Scotia on Facebook.

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