Nova Scotia RCMP “CARS” team go high tech with accident recreation robotics


Nova Scotia RCMP Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Services (CARS) demonstrated how investigators use Robotic Total Stations to map collision scenes and determine the causes and contributing factors in fatal and serious injury collisions in Burnside.


Nova Scotia RCMP is the only police force in Atlantic Canada using Robotic Total Stations to measure and store data at collision scenes. This technology allows Analysts/Reconstructionists to complete work more efficiently and open up roads more quickly following a collision.


This system only requires one operator. The tracking system maps the accident scene which is downloaded to a CAD system that can be viewed as a recreated image of the serious accident scene.  It tracks and records data from the operator through a camera/ GPS computer.


The CARS team are a support team who respond to serious accidents to aide in recreation and investigation.


Review: 2019 Kia Sorento Sxl

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