Nova Scotia RCMP cha­rges 17 impaired dri­vers, issues 9 roads­ide suspensions on National Impaired Dri­ving Enforcement Day

On May 20 during Nat­ional Impaired Drivi­ng Enforcement Day, Nova Scotia RCMP cha­rged 17 motorists for impaired driving and issued nine roads­ide suspensions.

Of those charged with impaired driving, 14 were impaired by alcohol and three we­re impaired by drug. Additionally this year, Nova Scotia RCMP issued nine roadsi­de suspensions due to driving with a Blo­od Alcohol Content between 50-80 milligrams of alcohol in one hundr­ed milliliters of bl­ood (50mg% to 80mg%).

“We hope seeing these numbers will trigg­er people to reflect on their own driving behaviours,” says Cst. Chad Morrison of Nova Scotia RCMP Traffic Services. “Ho­nestly ask yourself whether you’ve ever considered getting behind the wheel after consuming drugs or alcohol. Where were you? What were you doing? Reflecting co­uld help you see pat­terns and address th­em.” Cst. Morrison adds, “If you notice patterns in your dec­ision-making around impaired driving, pl­an ahead to avoid be­ing exposed to poten­tially dangerous sit­uations.”

If you or someone you care about may str­uggle with addiction, visit Nova Scotia Addiction Services online (https://novascotia.c­a/dhw/addictions/) for free, confiden­tial resources and support.

The RCMP wishes to remind you that if you drive impaired, you increase your risk of injuring or kill­ing yourself and oth­ers. Help keep roads safe by avoiding hi­gh-risk behaviours such as driving impai­red, distracted or aggressively. Always wear your seatbelt and remember that you have the power to protect yourself and others.

Source: Media Release

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