Nova Scotia Reaches New Health-care Agreement

Government has reached an agreement that will increase federal health-care funding to improve health care for Nova Scotians.

The 10-year agreement will provide new federal funding for home care and mental health.

“We are pleased to have reached a health funding agreement with the federal government which will help us address the priorities of Nova Scotians,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “It was important for us to know the money being invested in mental health and home care was going to be there in the future as we look to improve the way we deliver care in our province.”

Under the agreement, Nova Scotia will receive an estimated $287.8 million in new funding. Home care will be increased by $157 million and $130.8 million will go towards mental health. This is Nova Scotia’s share of the offer the federal government made Monday, Dec. 19, at a meeting of the provinces and territories. The federal government removed its offer of additional funding after an agreement was not reached.

“We had good discussions throughout the week,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Randy Delorey. “With this agreement, we have arrived at stable, predictable funding that will ensure we can prepare a long-term plan to improve the health-care services available for Nova Scotians.”

Over the coming weeks, government will develop a detailed plan on how these funds will be spent to improve the care of Nova Scotians.

The agreement includes a clause that ensures if any other province or territory reaches an agreement with the federal government that contains better financial terms, Nova Scotia will get those terms.

The agreement comes into effect on April 1.

Source: Release

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