Nova Scotia SPCA Pleased with NSVMA Decision to Ban Declawing


The Nova Scotia SPCA is excited to recognize the leadership of the NSVMA in the recent decision to ban the elective procedure of declawing.  The SPCA strongly supports this move and agrees that this procedure is unnecessary.

We would also like to recognize Dr. Hugh Chisholm of the Paw Project – Atlantic Canada for his efforts in advocating for this change.

“We are incredibly proud of the hard work and determination of those involved with changing the Code of Ethics to ban the Declawing of cats.   This is truly an exemplar move forward by the NSVMA for animal welfare in Nova Scotia.”  Said Constable Jo-Anne Landsburg

This decision will greatly improve the welfare for felines in Nova Scotia.  When a cat is declawed it is not simply their claws that are removed but the entire first joint of their toes to which the claws are attached, including bones and soft tissue.

The SPCA welcomes any public inquiries from any cat owner who is struggling with a felines destructive scratching behaviour,  we are able to counsel and discuss alternatives to declawing. We’d be happy to provide advice and support.


Source: Media Release

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