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Now or Never

I’m up and breakkie is already in my tummy.  Today is my solo LSD run.  I admit, I’m starting to get nervous.  I will go slow.  I won’t care about the time. I am aiming for 17K……Shit. That seems like a lot.  I’ve got Jillian podcasts and music.  I should be okay.  I’ve got h20, goo and a mini Larabar. I should be okay.

Fuelled up with scrambled eggs, egg whites, green onions, shredded cheddar & spices.  I love this combo! I should be okay.

With 2 slices of Silver Hills Squirrely bread.  This stuff was yummy and just like my fav ezekiel bread.  Only it’s better cuz it’s Canadian made! 😉

I’ve got my route written out just in case I forget. On paper it doesn’t look that bad. I should be okay. 

I also printed out the Half map yesterday and highlighted the areas where I think I’ll have the most difficulty.  There are only three places, two won’t be that bad, especially if I go practice them.  The third one is a huge, long hill in Point Pleasant Park.  It will be brutal and I know I’ll end up walking most of it.

  IMG_4822 IMG_4823

I borrowed the Eat, Drink & Be Vegan cookbook from the library.  I’ve heard good things about this book.  Anyone have a favourite recipe from it that I must try?


And, lastly, to motivate myself for those 17 kilometres…..
I may struggle and have set backs but I will never be this girl again:

I found this picture when I was going through my PC trying to find a before picture to submit with my article. Crazy.

Repeat after me. 

I should be okay. 
I should be okay. 
I should be okay. 
I should be okay.


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