NS Health looking for help with community health planning

The 37 Community Health Boards (CHBs) in the province are seeking the input of residents; These boards, composed of volunteers, are dedicated to addressing essential elements that impact community health, including financial well-being, housing, education, social connections, and more.

You can contribute your thoughts and ideas through www.engageCHBs.ca. Here are examples of how such input can prove beneficial:

  1. Education: Advocating for improved educational facilities can enhance educational opportunities and positively affect community health.
  2. Housing: Suggesting measures to increase the availability of affordable and safe housing can have a profound impact on the well-being of residents.
  3. Social Connections: Encouraging initiatives that strengthen social networks and promote community cohesion can contribute to better mental health outcomes.
  4. Financial Stability: Promoting policies that support job creation and income equality can lead to improved financial well-being.
  5. Healthcare Access: Identifying challenges in accessing healthcare services can guide efforts to enhance healthcare availability and accessibility.
  6. Nutrition: Supporting initiatives that ensure access to nutritious food can contribute to better overall health.
  7. Physical Activity: Recommending opportunities for physical activity and recreation can help promote an active and healthy lifestyle within the community.

Every five years, these CHBs craft community health plans that play a vital role in guiding decisions related to health within their respective regions. Additionally, these plans are shared with Nova Scotia Health to inform their strategic planning processes.

Residents have a valuable role to play in shaping the future of their community’s health and well-being. Their input is essential, and they can contribute to positive changes by visiting www.engageCHBs.ca or contacting 1-844-983-1240.

Via NSHealth

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