NS Liberals call for HST reduction after recent report highlights increasing food and financial insecurity

Liberal party release:

The 2024 Food Banks Canada report shows more Nova Scotians have struggled in the
past year due to rising costs of necessities like groceries, housing, and power rates under
the Houston government.

The report found that 56 per cent of people feel worse off this year than they did last,
showing a clear need for government intervention in the ongoing affordability crisis. For
months, the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus has advocated to reduce the HST by two points
to reduce the burden of necessities like phone bills, household supplies, medications, and
other daily purchases.

“The latest report from Food Banks Canada is a stark reminder of the real-life impact of
economic policies on our communities,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “When so
many Nova Scotians are struggling to make ends meet, it’s not fair that we are one of the
highest taxed jurisdictions in the country. Reversing the increases to the HST brought on
by the NDP is an immediate step the government can take to help working families in
need of relief.”

Food Banks Canada also noted that food insecurity rates are up from 22 per cent to 29
per cent in just one year. The province announced a new school lunch program this year,
but without offering a free meal to every student, the program will fall short of the
immense need in Nova Scotia.

“For years, we have advocated for a free, universal lunch program for all students. It is
incredibly disappointing to learn that the Houston government expects some families to
pay when so many Nova Scotians are struggling with the high cost-of-living,” said
Education critic Derek Mombourquette. “Ensuring that there is no stigma attached is
crucial to the success of the program. We’ll continue advocating for a truly universal
school lunch program that is free for all students.”

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