NS News: Province Helps South Shore Cranberry Farm Grow

The province is helping a South Shore company expand its business and strengthen the economy in rural Nova Scotia, at no cost to Nova Scotia taxpayers.

South Shore Resources Ltd., which runs a cranberry farm in Welshtown, Shelburne Co.

, asked the province to release a condition on a piece of land it was granted a decade ago so the business can access financing to expand.

The province has removed the 2003 condition on the 273-acre parcel that required it be developed as a cranberry farm within 10 years.

“This was a simple, no-cost solution to help a viable company grow its operation and the province was happy to help,” said Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau, on behalf of Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker. “This is about supporting a resource-based business to grow and create good jobs that families in that community can count on.”

Nova Scotia cranberry growers produce about 360 tonnes annually, valued at about $1 million.

“We’ve worked hard these past 10 years to get approval to start the cranberry operations,” said Richard Bower of South Shore Resources Ltd. “We’re now poised to capitalize on our investments to significantly expand. It has always been my hope to see a cranberry industry in our area of the province.”

South Shore Resources began cranberry farm operations on the land in 2005, which fulfilled the condition.

“We’re confident South Shore Resources Ltd. is now in a position to develop the rest of the land,” said Mr. Belliveau. “Removing the condition should alleviate any concerns financing agencies may have had that government would try to take the land back.”

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