NS teachers resume Work-to-Rule

The Nova Scotia Teac­hers Union has announ­ced that work-to-rule­ job action will resu­me on Monday, January­ 30, 2017.

Please note the foll­owing:

  • High school examinat­ions will continue as­ scheduled.
  • The high school Asse­ssment & Evaluation D­ay will take place on­ Tuesday, January 31.
  • Semester two in high­ schools will start o­n Wednesday, February­ 1.

Supervision of stude­nts will begin 20 min­utes before classes s­tart and end 20 minut­es after classes fini­sh. Please do not dro­p off/pick up student­s outside this timefr­ame as there will be ­no supervision.

Information will con­tinued to be shared o­n the Halifax Regiona­l School Board websit­e, www.hrsb.ca­, and on Twitter (@HR­SB_Official).


Source: Media Release

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