NYX and Cala

More brands available at Lawtons for you today. These two products were also provided for reviews.

This is NYX Skinny Black liner.

I didn’t even know NYX made a skinny liner until I read up about Collection Noir which it is a part of. The collection has 8 black formulations (matte, satin, or glossy pencil/ liquid/ powder eyeliners), waterproof and smudge free. Fun eh?

The Skinny liner is retractable, with 1.5mm skinny lead and fine tip for lining precision. It, being skinny, comes in a huge box 🙂

The first thing I noticed about the liner was the non-pointed tip. I am not sure if NYX wants me to sharpen it so I can make a precision line or just use it to wear it out to a point. If not, I’ll start out with as thin of a line as it could be.

The liner is not supposed to skip, drag nor tug, and that holds true during swatching. But to my lightly sensitive eyes, it does hurt a bit getting the colour on the lower lash line and feels dry in contact.

The swatches: from the left, one swipe, then a few swipes to make the line thicker. On the far right is a comparison swatch of Milani Liquid Eye liquid-like eyeliner pencil in Black, one swipe.

So pigmentation wise, NYX Skinny Black liner is a big lighter than the Milani, and it does not perform as well either during the smudge test (after they both set). Overall, unless you need a precision liner, I would skip the Skinny Black liner this time around.

The liner retails for $7.99, with 0,09g/ 0.003oz of product.

Cala is a brand of brushes at Lawtons that I see a few times while browsing the isles but have not bought any product from.

This is the Brow/ Lash comb from the brand. It has been a long time since I have one of these in the stash, just because I don’t have a use for it. But we’ll see how it works.

The brush has quite long of a handle, looking thin and sleek. The comb side is plastic, with teeth close enough to each other to work through my lashes. But as expected, a plastic lash comb does not get through mascara clumps as easy as a metal one. It does brush off some of the clumps (when I pile up on mascara) but not totally.

The brush side is easy to use and not scratchy. It works fine on my brows, but for the purpose, a spoolie would take less space and still do the job just fine.

The comb sells for $6.99.

I won’t totally disregard Cala as a brand just because this comb does not serve the purpose, and NYX does have some great products on their shelf. Just these two products do not work for me today 🙂

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