NYX Butter lipstick & glosses

These are not new in the beauty world by any means but new to SB stash – NYX Butter lipsticks and Butter glosses 🙂

NYX is still a brand that is hard to come by for us Canadians.

Lawtons here carries a few shades of NYX Butter glosses but no signs of the lipsticks (yet). I had to haul these from the US.

I got 2 Butter lipsticks in BLS05 Hunk and BLS17 Pops, and 4 Butter glosses in BLG04 Merengue, BLG05 Creme Brulee, BLG08 Apple Strudel and BLG11 Maple Blondie.

Other than Hunk, none of these colours are my typical choice for lips at all, and they feel like Spring, not Fall. I am going against the flow here lol.

Here are the Butter lipsticks in Hunk and Pops in the tubes.

Love the colour indication right on the tube and a the clear area to show the colours inside (when the lid is closed). The bullets swivel all the way down, no nicking hazard.

So the (famous) Butter lipsticks has a satin texture and quite hydrating to me. Colour pigmentation is not as intense as I thought but good when layered. They last a few hours on me, and no scent detected.

Hunk is described as a blue violet, which I don’t find accurate at all and Pops is a mauve that appears as a nude pink on me.

The lipsticks are 0.16oz/ 1.5g, reg. $6 each in the US. They are not bad, but for the price, Essence and NYC lipsticks would give them a run for their money, to be honest.

Now the butter glosses, from top to bottom:

Merengue is described as a pink lilac, pretty accurate.

Creme Brulee is a natural shade, doesn’t show up much on me but I appreciate the shine.

Apple Strudel is meant to be a peach colour but appears so close to Creme Brulee, just a tad more pink on me.

And Maple Blondie, supposed to be a deep peach, is also a pink lol.

The claims stay quite true with these glosses: smooth, non sticky, sheer to medium coverage, taste like sugar cookies 🙂 So, other than the colour similarity among the shades I chose, I enjoy these glosses as toppers for my lip liners or lipsticks. And that comes from someone who always prefer lipsticks than glosses.

The glosses have 0.27oz/ 8ml in the tube, reg. $5 in the US.

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