Obtaining a Driver’s License in Nova Scotia – What to Know

A great way to explore any new place is by hiring a car in that place and driving around. The same goes for exploring Canada too. When in Canada, you need to get a driver’s license to enjoy your driving without any issues with the local traffic, and you can check some websites to understand how to get a driver’s license in Nova Scotia. 

The Driving Test is the best destination for finding out anything and everything related to obtaining a driver’s license in Nova Scotia. They will teach you everything related to traffic rules in Canada so that you can successfully pass all the tests. You can check this out to learn more about how to become a licensed driver in Nova Scotia. 

A driver’s license can be obtained in Nova Scotia by these levels. 

Learner’s LicenseObtaining a learner’s license is the first step towards becoming a licensed driver in Nova Scotia. Anyone that is above the age of 16 can apply for this with a consent form of someone that is above the age of 18 years. It can be either a parent or a guardian that can consent to this form. 

The test for obtaining a learner’s license includes, 

  1. a vision test 
  2. a knowledge test that comes with multiple-choices  

Newly Licensed Driver 

After obtaining your driver’s license a year ago, you can proceed to the next step. You must have passed the road test, and have completed the required driver’s education course. You can become the newly licensed driver only when, 

  1. You have no alcohol or drugs in your system 
  2. You have no hand-held devices 
  3. Both the rear and the front seat passengers have been secured through the seat-belts 
  4. You are not a learner or a supervisor 
  5. You promise not to take your car out from midnight to 5 am the next morning. However, there might be some exceptions in this case during an emergency, and you can take the car with a licensed driver in your passenger seat. 

Applying for a driver’s license in Nova Scotia 

Here are some of the steps for you to follow while applying for a driver’s license. 

  • Go through the Nova Scotia Driver’s Handbook to learn the traffic rules
  • Fill out the necessary application 
  • Visit the local service locations in Nova Scotia to take a test 
  • Produce your ID proof 
  • Pay the required fee to take the CAD test 
  • Take the vision exam and pass in it 
  • Now, apply for the learner’s license 
  • You will be provided with a temporary document for 30 days. This document is valid for the next 24 months. However, you should pass the driver’s license test before it expires, or else you have to start from the beginning, once again.

A driver’s license is something that you must possess to easily commute within any place, especially when you have relocated to the place and are new to it. You can ace your driver’s license test in Nova Scotia by following all the instructions provided by your guide and practicing as much as possible. 

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