Off-season outdoor burning rules

With all the attention given this summer to outdoor burning rules, it’s important to note off-season restrictions are now in place.

For municipal burning purposes, Oct. 16 to March 14 is considered the off-season. During this period the provincial burn map is not active.

The first thing to determine when considering if an outdoor burn is allowed is whether your property is in what’s described as a Permit Required Zone or a No Permit Zone.

If your property is serviced with municipal water AND sewer, then you are in a Permit Required Zone. Most of the urban/suburban lots in the municipality are located in a Permit Required Zone.

If you are in a Permit Required Zone and have 23 metres’ clearance (75 feet) from any building, outdoor wood burning (brush fires, campfires, bonfires) is ONLY permitted from Oct. 16-March 14 (the off-season). And burning can only take place from 8 a.m. until midnight.

You also must print and fill out a municipal burn permit and have it with you while burning.

If you live in a Permit Required Zone but you don’t have the required clearance (23 metres/75 feet) from a building then outdoor burning is banned year-round.

If you live in rural parts of the municipality (No Permit Zone), campfires are allowed throughout the year and would need to be a minimum of 4.75 metres (15 feet) from any dwelling or accessory building.

Campfires cannot be larger than .5 metres (1.6 feet) in diameter.

Check out our website to determine if and when you can have an outdoor burn during the off-season (

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