Video: Officers punched and kicked, fires ignited during Dal Homecoming last night

Halifax Regional Police is releasing a statement in relation to a large disturbance in Halifax last night related to unsanctioned Dalhousie Homecoming events.

Last night at approximately 10 p.m. large crowds of intoxicated people started to gather in the areas of Larch, Preston and Jennings Streets. The crowd estimated at approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people extended out to Preston Street and Jubilee Road. Participants were climbing poles and trees and fireworks were being set off in the crowd and in some cases directed towards residences. Disturbances and fights were occurring within the large crowd.

While police were on scene throughout the day and into the evening, additional resources were deployed from patrol divisions across the city as the size of the gathering increased.   Officers attempted to disperse the crowd and were met with a high level of resistance. Bottles, cans and debris from the storm were thrown at officers. Along with being hit with projectiles, officers were punched, kicked and spit on. Some officers required treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

A fire was set in the street using downed branches from the storm in an attempt to prevent officers from dispersing the crowd. Officers were required to put the fire out as Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency could not get in due to safety concerns.

Officers had to bring a number of injured people out of the area, including a man who suffered injuries as a result of being stabbed, as Emergency Health Services could not get to the injured person due to the crowds and safety hazards. 

After a couple of hours officers were able to disperse the crowd. A number arrests were made, and dozens of summary offence tickets were issued.

Given the scale of the incident details are still being gathered and further information will be released when it becomes available.

Halifax Regional Police would like to reiterate that there are consequences for this behaviour, and express our disappointment at these callous and dangerous acts just days after a devastating storm ravaged many parts of our province and impacted our community. 

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