Official Addition Re­sults Now Online

Official Addition re­sults are now posted at http://results.elec­

Results are based on the official list of electors as of last Sunday May 28th. The final list of electors will be upd­ated in approximately four weeks.

We anticipate publis­hing poll by poll re­sults online as early as the middle of next week.

Candidates are not officially declared elected until the writ for their electoral district has been completed by the ret­urning officer and returned the writ to the Chief Electoral Officer per section 159 of the Elections Act. All writs may be returned as early as the tenth day follow­ing election day (Ju­ne 9th), and no late than the fourteenth day following election day (June 13th).


Source: Media Release

May Was A Very Damp Month

May Was A Very Damp Month