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OFRA long lasting liquid lipsticks

There is probably hardly anybody who hadn’t heard of OFRA right?

I was holding off an order for a while until the day they announced Miami Fever was about to sell out.

Felt like I own a bit of “history” that day, but it is now scheduled to come back on October 26 lol.

Anyway, I bought 5 long lasting liquid lipsticks: New Orleans, Malibu, Honolulu, Mocha and Miami Fever.

I used the 40% off code on regular price of $19.90 each, and shipping to Canada was $9.50 flat rate (with the low exchange rate, the discount did not help much). Naturally, my expectation towards the products are higher.

First impressions are less than perfect, sadly.
– Shipping notice was sent out a week after I ordered, 2 days for the package to be received by UPS and another week to be delivered
– No receipt/ notes in the package, just the products themselves
– The paper packaging is nice and sturdy, but the tubes look less exciting with the label being a visible sticker (not printed directly on the tube).

Not a big deal but Miami Fever‘s label faces the opposite direction of the rest, so the black cap faces the other way when you lined them up for a group shot (seen above).

The liquid lipsticks do perform quite well as most YT’ers said, matte, not drying, comfortable to wear. They do not completely transfer resistant as I still see colours on my finger or mug when they come in contact with my lips. They fade slowly though, so you still have lots of colours at the end of the day, through food/ drinks, etc.

Here are the swatches in the same order. I grabbed New Orleans because it was said to be quite unique in the line but it is just the darker version of Malibu.

Honolulu will set you right on the brown lip trend. Mocha is more like a nude than a mocha color. And lastly, Miami Fever is a beautiful darker orange, quite unique among the liquid lipstick colour range across brands.

Overall, I like OFRA liquid lipsticks but I prefer Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips and LA Girl Matte pigment glosses more, for their much lower price point. The “Kathleen40” code is still valid for the relaunch of Miami Fever, if you want to pull an order at OFRA then.

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