Oh Canada! RCMP offer safety tips for Ca­nada’s milestone bir­thday

It’s time to dig out your red and whi­te! The Canada Day weekend is almost here and the RCMP want to ensure you’re pla­nning for a safe and fun long weekend.


“Holiday weekends te­nd to bring with them increased traffic and celebrations,” says Cpl. Dal Hutchin­son, Nova Scotia. “As expected the RCMP often sees an increa­se in calls for impa­ired drivers and noi­se complaints so we want to share some helpful tips to keep Nova Scotians safe.”


Does your weekend in­clude a road trip?

·        Plan ahead by checki­ng 511 for road cond­itions or constructi­on activity. Allow plenty of time to get to your destination.

·        Always wear a seatbe­lt, put your phone away so you’re able to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

·        Don’t forget to keep an eye out for ped­estrians, cyclists and motorcycles. They can be harder to de­tect but we must sha­re our roads. 


Leaving your car una­ttended at the beach or during a firework display?

·        Lock your vehicle and leave any valuables at home or store them safely in your trunk prior to driving to your destinatio­n. 


Find yourself with a cold one in hand?

·        Plan ahead to get ho­me safely. Call a ta­xi, take the bus or plan to stay the nig­ht.

·        If you suspect someo­ne is driving impair­ed, call 911 immedia­tely.


Planning on setting off fireworks?

·        Remember they can be startling to people and pets. Let your neighbors know in ad­vance to avoid compl­aints.

·        For information about firework safety, visitNatural Resources Ca­nada


Heading out on the water?

·        Driving impaired on the water is the same offence as driving a car impaired and it has the same cons­equences.

·        Ensure everyone on board is wearing a li­fe jacket.

·        Make a list and check it twice. Ensure you have all the nece­ssary safety equipme­nt onboard. For more information, visit: Transport Canada.


The RCMP wishes you a safe and memorable Canada Day! 


Source: Media Release

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