Oh The Things You Do Not Know

Oh The Things You Do Not Know

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Recently I went to Blissdom Canada, which I wrote about here.  But now 2 weeks have passed and I am at home taking in all I learned, and I keep going back to Catherine Connor`s opening keynote.

She asked us to write down 5 things.5 things that we know, 5 things others may not know about us, and 5 things we don`t know. I have thought and thought about my 5 a lot in the past 2 weeks.

So here is what I know I know.

1. I know how to plan a good party. In my former life I helped plan and decorate many a party. I love doing this although I haven`t had much of a chance as of late.

2. I know God is real. I have known this since I was young. I may of gone on  quite the spiritual journey but let me tell you this I know God is real. That is what matters most.

3. I know how to save money. When you have been forced to live on less you learn how to get creative with that little you do have, I have these skills and use them all the time.

4. A good book will drag me in, and I will sit there and read it till there is not another word to be read.

5. I make a great honey mustard curried chicken, when I have company over this is what I often serve.

What I dont know.

1. I talk about money and how important it is to save, spend wisely, and to give but I am no expert and I have a lot to learn that is the reason for this journey. I pray others are learning with me.

2. I don`t know if I am on the right path. There is a longer story here and I hope to share it soon.

3. I don`t know how to bake from scratch, I want to learn. I am a mix and go girl.

4. I am not good at math and I thank God for calculators.

5. I don`t know how to sew, another talent I would love to learn.

What You Don`t know About Me

Oh the things that you do not know.

1. I am a resurrected being. I was dead and revived when I was just a little girl. I stuck a rock in my nose and it got caught in my lung pipe I was dead for about 4 minutes I have been told.

2. My favorite place on the planet when I was a little girl was under the kitchen table. It is where I felt safest.

3. I do not feel this spiritual journey is done yet. There is more and I am still figuring it out.

4. I worked with the homeless for a year in Venice California. It was the best year.

5. Sometimes I try to hard to please others and don`t stand up for myself enough. I am smart and capable and can do almost anything has been my mantra for a while now.

So did you learn anything about me.

I give you a challenge to share with me what do you know, or better yet what don`t I know about you.

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