old stuff from myspace blog – feb 2007 – songwriter’s circle during at Casino during ECMAs

Church outside of Big Pond

Church outside of Big Pond

I was listening to 7 Day Fool, covered by the fabulous Jully Black, in the car yesterday on the way back from Cape Breton and remembered this old blog of mine from myspace and thought I would repost here.
I didn’t have any corresponding pictures, so I thought I’d post a photo I took on the drive home last night, as the drive inspired the repost.
Sunday, FebruarAdd Videoy 18, 2007

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No it was not a cookie…it was the Songwriter’s Circle during the ECMAs.

Wow…what a powerhouse lineup of talent.  Ron Hynes, Steven Bowers, Jully Black, Charlie A’Court, and Rose Cousins.

If you’ve never attended a circle…you need to.  It will touch you deeply.  The gift of song these people give to us is amazing.  And to see people play off one another…make jokes…tell stories…laugh and fill the stage with good karma is a real treat.  People laugh and people cry.  Thank you Bruce Guthro for creating this great idea.

My comments about the artists and their performance in no particular order:

Ron Hynes – a national treasure and vast talent.  A good natured soul who has struggled hard with his demons and given us beautiful unadulterated songs…and a LOT of them.  There is good reason why they say Ron is the man of a thousand songs.  I could listen to him sing forever.

Rose Cousins – this was the first time I had opporunity so see Rose play.  She has the sweetest voice and told some wonderful stories…in the form of conversation and in song.  I can see why she is being recognized at the ECMAs this year.  Very nice…I’m glad I had the pleasure.

Steven Bowers – is a talent far beyond his years.  It will be very interesting to see where this young man’s career takes him I think.  And I heard in his CBC interview a few weeks ago he’s writing a novel?  Holy for someone so young he sure is deep.  Brilliant lyricist and unique voice.

Charlie A’Court – seen Charlie play many times starting back in his Stayner Wharf days.  My friend Johanna turned me onto him…she’s a really big fan and has people in Kenya listening to him now as she lives there.  Great guitar player…great voice…missed his calling as a comedian perhaps too…LOL  Really like the new tunes and it was great to find out how big dark canyon got written.

Jully Black – I had only ever heard sweat of your brow which I really like…great bopping around the house music with uplifting lyrics.  I did not know what to expect of an R&B kinda gal gracing the stage with East Coast style singer songwriters.  She didn’t even bring a guitar!  But Charlie was happy to pitch in there  🙂  Well for me it was the best part of the show.  No better than anyone else as all the talent was overwhelmingly good but so nice to be introduced to a different side of Jully as she did some really raw and almost spiritual music today.  And of course I’ve seen most of the performers many times and I love to discover new music.  The story of how she came to Canada with her family from Jamaica was really interesting and she has such a strong spirit.  I believe I had a tear in my eye more than a few times.  And she can really shake her bootie..spunky fun girl…larger than life.  Her friend sang with her too (didn’t catch his name but he sat next to me) and they did some really nice harmonies.

Overall the show just blew me away.  I knew that it would because it was Ron’s circle so how could it be anything other than wonderful?  Living 45 minutes from downtown I had to really choose carefully which of the shows I would attend and I’m really glad for the choice I made.  I’ll check the gala on TV shortly and will be paying special attention to David Myles and Catherine McLellan who I saw play at the Upstairs in Sydney (where all the best people play of course) and really like them a lot.

My thanks to all the songwriters for their beautiful songs.  Well done!

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