OMG WTF: Fur? (but seriously, let’s embrace the 70s)

Since Ally is on vacation and I’m still a bit tired from mine/I spent the evening watching Ryan not-a-hipster Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love, we’re going to have a report from our West Coast Bureau (aka. unpaid staffer Anthony). (p.s. to the girl who very audibly appreciated The Gosling’s abs – you are awesome! You added to the movie going experience. Seriously. Golf claps).

Anthony: So, in case y’all hadn’t noticed – fur is back.

Do the Hustle! Right after you club that fox to death…

Now, before you start throwing red paint at your computers (which is a futile exercise on and off line), let me clarify by saying that I’m not exactly jazzed about this trend resurgence.

Personal reasons aside, who can actually pull off a fur look?

Is this guy still a person these days?

Of course, ain’t no one as fabulous as Ms. Ross.

She doesn't need to work, because she doesn't stop WERKIN.

It would seem that since the latest Mad Men season has been delayed until March (MegaSad-A-Tron), we’re latching onto the Seventies like Leighton Meester’s mother to her daughter’s paycheques. Too soon? I will admit that I love a lot about the 1970s aesthetic. The decade is campy enough to satisfy my gay tendencies but had points of supreme style to appease my designer snob that bubbles so close to the surface. Be warned, if you ask me what I think about a photo, design, what have you, I will retaliate with genuine enthusiasm or passive aggression on an oppressive scale. I’m sorry, I’m a repressed gay Catholic, I don’t do confrontation.

So yeah, the fur thing… I suppose it’s an interesting fad to bring back but frankly, I’d love to see more work done with a true staple of 70s Style. You know what I’m talking about: the jumpsuit.

Let us reclaim the jumpsuit from the Hipster Hoards.

Oh sure, there’s always been a appreciation for the jumpsuit in that “what a fun costume!” sense, but I’d like to see it brought back into everyday leisure wear. I mean, if we’re going to go 70s, we might as well suck it up and go all the way, right?

So for all of you interested in unlocking your most groovy wardrobe potential, I offer these tips. As a disclaimer, the only real training I have in 1970s style is a pair of gold spandex short-shorts and listening to Diana Ross’ album “Diana” on repeat for 3 months.

#1 The 3-Piece for Gents: who want to dress up to get down

FPQT does NOT endorse said fashionable men to indulge in copious amounts of cocaine.

#2 The Shag hairstyle and baseball t-shirt: to keep it casual while maintaining your grooviness.

K-Stew and The Fanning in "The Runaways". At least I didn't pay money to see this one.

#3 Rainbow accents:because why the hell not? (the 70s were one seriously drug fueled decade).

Let's not forget that THIS is why he's famous.

You know, even if you disagree with my suggestions, I can give you one solid piece of advice…

just try not to look like this guy:

Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning, Wendy!

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