“On the Second Day of Christmas”…says the RCMP

Tis’ the Season of Reason- Never Drive Drunk

On the Second Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP said to me, “Drinking and driving is deadly.”

S/Sgt Dan McNaughton, RCMP Traffic Services says, “one drink can reduce your ability to concentrate and react to things that happen suddenly while you are driving.”

As of this date, there have been 52 fatalities in 47 crashes in RCMP jurisdiction throughout Nova Scotia. Twelve of those involved alcohol.

Below are important notes to remember behind the wheel:

– You can be charged if you are impaired behind the wheel, even if you have not started to drive

– If you are planning on drinking, plan not to drive

– Read the information on the package of any over-the-counter medicine, including allergy and cold remedies

– Drugs and alcohol together can combine to impair your driving even more drastically; ask your doctor or pharmacist about your prescription medication

– Remember, fatigue and stress will also affect your ability to drive

– You will lose your licence if caught driving under the influence

– Police will have extra presence over the holidays at checkpoints across the province

– Remember the BAC is now .05, and the RCMP is diligent about taking action against impaired driving

When someone drinks and drives, they pose a risk to every innocent person and motorist on the road. It is important to know that impairment is not necessarily alcohol, but could be prescription or illegal drugs as well. The RCMP have specially trained officers to identify these offenders.

Nova Scotia RCMP officers are focusing on impaired drivers this holiday season. If you believe a motorist is driving impaired, call 9-11 with the location, brief description, and licence plate number of the vehicle.

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