“On the Sixth Day of Christmas”…says the RCMP

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Crime Prevention the RCMP Street Crime Unit said to me….. “When leaving your house empty, protect your valuables from a potential robbery.”

Many of us take vacation during the holidays, leaving our homes unattended for an extended period of time. Before you leave, consider the following:

– Be careful with what you post as a social media status
– Can you look inside your window and see expensive items or keys to your home or vehicles?
– Store any jewellery, papers, certificates, etc. out of sight or perhaps in a safety deposit box away from home. Other valuables should be engraved with your name and phone number which will help police identify your property
– Consider recording the serial number of valuable items and taking photos of these items; note any identifiable markings
– Arrange to have a trusted friend or family member check your residence while you are away. Ask them to collect your mail and newspapers, clear snow from your doorway to make it appear someone is home
– Consider forming a Neighbourhood Watch group. Take note of any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighbourhood
– Consider an alarm, notification system or timers for lighting and electronics

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