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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

L-A: I’m  like that lame ass boyfriend who totally lets you down on Valentine’s Day. “Oh shit, baby, I was so busy at work. And this headache. I promise to make it up to you.” But unlike that lame ass boyfriend, I’m not coming to you with discount chocolates and three day old cut flowers.

To be fair, I’ve only recently warmed to the idea of Valentine’s Day. I was the girl who was all, “Hallmark Holiday! Bah Humbug! Let’s listen to Morrissey!”

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God. I must have been a real pill. Whatever. I like chocolate too much to hate on Valentine’s. But I did totally have a Galentine’s Day post for you and then I got the worst headache of life and bailed. When I am done with being sick, life is going to be so awesome.

So, as a belated Valentine’s post, I’m saying let’s make chocolate and wine and pink a part of our every day celebrations of ladyfriends. I’m talking Galentine’s all year round. And not in the “wooooo! Bachelorette! Ladieeeeees! Wooooo!” kind of way (although, that does have it’s place). And I’m not talking about sweatpants that say PINK on the ass, because ladies of all ages, no. That’s just not right. Trust.  

I’m talking dressing pretty for your ladyfriends and hitting the wine and eating burgers or cheesy dip for dinner and talking real talk (which may or may not include talk of the Bachelor). And my inspiration was some really pretty pink by Ted Baker London (which seems to only charge in pounds. This says to me “I’m a foreign currency you can’t understand, so just buy it and deal with the exchange later.” A real shopping strategy I once took in London). 

So, here it is – let’s get into pink and drink mid-week.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

 Potential outfits for hitting the town for mid-week drinks


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1. Zooey Deschanel Adorable Styles Pink

For your first Wednesday of pink and drinks (not necessarily pink drinks. Could be wine. Could be old man style drinks. Could be actual pink drinks), I’m going to suggest a dress adorable enough for our Pretend Best Friend, Zooey.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Picture it! It’s no longer winter, the sun is shining and you are rocking this dress for patio drinks. Are you feeling this? Because I totally am (especially as today’s downpour turned to snow).  I’m going to say pair this sucker with flats, to keep on with the theme of Zooey adorableness. You should probably wear a neutral shoe, and as a responsible blogger I should suggest that, but I liked these way too much not to suggest them. So wear these with a dress that isn’t pink:

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

You don’t need to go head to toe pink. You just need to rock your pink. And I love the flats because I’m all about being practical when I’m out getting my drink on with ladyfriends. Flats are good for balance and you’re better able to run for the last bus home.

And then rock some seriously adorable jewelry.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

If twee is your bag, then you should totally wear both of those with the pink dress. If it’s not, then maybe just the bow necklace with a different dress and the bright pink shoes.

2. Day to Night Barbie Styles Pink

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As you all know, this Barbie has been one of my sartorial spirit animals since I used to commandeer my cousin’s doll because I really dug the hat and the turnaround skirt. But instead of changing for an evening with Ken after work, I’m talking about an outfit that will go from work to drinkies. Which is where this blazer comes in.

A bubblegum pink blazer sort of terrifies me, but I’m seriously considering owning a pink jacket. I feel like I could totally make this work with skinny jeans and a nautical shirt. Thoughts?

As previously mentioned, I like to keep it practical for my evenings out with the girls. They don’t judge my need to carry a notebook, five pens, lipstick, and other sundry items (what’s in my bag is a post for another day). So I like a bag that carries all my shit, but also allows me to go hands free. For the pink jacket, I’m thinking this sucker.

I like the stripes, but even more so, I like the internal pockets and that I can go handsfree. Perfect for late night street meat and/or running to catch the last bus home.

For this outfit, I’d go HAM with the arm party hard and include something like this in the mix.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

The blingy friendship bracelet by Rocks Paper Metal for Jewelmint is totally happening for me this summer.

Okay ladyfriends, are we ready for some drinks mid-week? Let’s do this.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

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