One Person One Record Project Moves to Next Phase

Government is advancing a plan to modernize Nova Scotia’s health information systems.

A procurement process for a clinical information solution vendor will begin today, Dec.6, with the release of a notice of proposed procurement. This notice will give interested vendors an opportunity to learn what the province’s needs are to advance the goal of One Person One Record.

“As we look for new ways to plan and deliver health services, we are also exploring how best to manage the many clinical information systems that health-care professionals use every day to support patient care,” said Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine.

“One Person One Record would help health-care professionals access the full range of a patient’s health information to provide quality care.”

There are hundreds of clinical information systems used by health-care professionals across the province. These specialized systems are complex and expensive to maintain.

The One Person One Record solution will support health-care providers who provide care to Nova Scotians in family practices, hospitals, pharmacies, and in the home.

“We need to look to new opportunities for technology to assist in the delivery of safe, effective, and efficient patient care,” said Tim Guest, vice president, integrated health services program care and chief nursing officer for Nova Scotia Health Authority.

“One Person One Record is a patient care initiative to have the right information available to the right person, at the right time and place.”

The One Person One Record procurement project is a partnership of several government departments, including Health and Wellness and Internal Services, with health-care organizations Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK Health Centre.

Following the initial procurement notice, government will issue a request for supplier qualification (RFSQ) in early 2017. This is an opportunity for vendors to highlight their abilities and experience with clinical information systems.

Government will review the results of the RFSQ before deciding on next steps.

Full implementation of the One Person One Record solution will take several years.

Full details of the Notice of Proposed Procurement can be found at

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