One year of The Right Coast Nova Scotia

Happy Anniversary!
It’s been one whole year since you were created. The name “The Right Coast” was how I described Nova Scotia in Cover Letters to identify that I was a “come from away” applicant. My sister-in-law came up with “the right coast” and it stuck.

I wasn’t really a “come from away” but your typical person who, after graduating university, moved out to the west coast to find work. It took 11 years to come home to the other coast.

So, as I re-discover Nova Scotia as a wife and mother a blog was born. You see, since the age of eight I’ve had a journal. Thus, moving to an online journal, is a natural progression. But this journal would be read by anyone and not hidden under the bed.

To celebrate one year of The Right Coast Nova Scotia, here are a few of my favourites:

My favourite posts:
Lavender Jelly was my very first and favourite post
Between a rock and a soft seat: Economy, Nova Scotia
Paradise, Nova Scotia: This was fun to write, after the sting of paying the speeding ticket wore off.

Most read by readers:
How to pick mussels: Yum!
Canada’s Best Smoked Salmon: Willy Krauch’s
Making Nautical Wreaths: Recently a reader asked where you could buy one, this stumped me. Anyone know?

Most comments from readers:
Melmerby Beach Provincial Park: A spring time visit got a lot of comments.
Destination Guy’s Frenchys
Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia

My favourite pictures:
Because I love taking pictures and have a tough time picking which 2 or 3 go into a blog post, I’ve just started a Flickr account where you can see more. The pictures on Flickr are the more recent ones (July’09 onwards).

Most importantly, thank you for reading this blog and giving me ideas for new posts. Time is short for us all and I appreciate how you take a minute out of your day to read these posts.

I am excited to be a blogger for Nova Scotia’s tourism website: and The Right Coast NS is also on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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