Online casino payment methods: Ontario edition

Many people wonder whether transferring funds to their online casino account will be easy. They would also love to know that they can withdraw any potential winnings without any hassle, should luck work in their favor. The good news is that, nowadays, there are many different online casino payment methods that Ontario’s casinos offer. Whether you are a fan of the good old credit cards or prefer to keep up with the times and opt for crypto, a simple look into the various payment options will allow you to discover the best solution for yourself.

As always, you can utilize the power of the Internet when it comes to finding out the things that are of interest to you. From checking into your clinic online to playing online casino games, we can truly consider ourselves lucky to be able to live in this day and age where everything is only a few clicks away.

The five most popular online casino payment methods explained

While we could list more than five ways through which you can deposit or withdraw money at an online casino, we’ll instead take an in-depth look into the five methods Ontario’s gamblers are most likely to use. Note that not every online casino will provide all five of them at the same time, so you’ll have to put in a bit of investigative solo work to get to the bottom of things.

Credit cards and debit cards

Let’s start off with what could be the most popular way to make payments worldwide. Millions of people in Canada and, more specifically, Ontario, will use their credit and debit cards to pay for products and services. While online gambling doesn’t fall under these two categories since gambling is a game of luck, the majority of all online casinos will offer this payment method as their number one option.

Most often, it’s Visa and MasterCard that will be accepted, but that doesn’t mean that other credit card companies are excluded. Don’t hesitate to take a look at a casino’s website and, in particular, the section which explains the details regarding the accepted payment options.


Recently, e-wallets have become a favorite tool among Ontario’s residents. They act as a gateway between the bank account and the online casino, making deposits and withdrawals an incredibly easy and quick process. And when a potentially complex process is simplified, it only makes sense that many people will head toward it.

There are many different e-wallets that you can select as your preferred online casino payment method. When it comes to Ontario and Canada in general, PayPal seems to be one of the most popular options accepted by numerous online casinos. We do suggest that you first do a bit of background work to ensure that the e-wallet you use on a daily basis is accepted at your soon-to-be favorite online casino.

Mobile payment services

Lo and behold – mobile payments have taken over the world, so it was only logical that they would take over the online casino industry, as well. Many online casinos will allow you to use these services as a way to put some money into your bank account. If you are using payment services like Apple Pay, then you don’t have to worry about any obstacles standing between you and your favorite slot or table games. With so many good Apple Pay casinos for Ontario players around, making deposits and withdrawals will be as easy as ABC.

Prepaid cards

Using some of the previous online casino payment methods could make it slightly difficult to control how much you spend and invest. After all, it’s very easy to be swept up by the momentum and bet more than you have initially planned. That’s why gambling can be so dangerous and addictive. However, there’s a good solution if you want to prevent this from happening – using prepaid cards.

The way that these cards work is simple enough. You purchase it from your local retail outlet with a pin that you enter on the banking module after choosing the prepaid card type. You load it with a cash balance that you are free to spend wherever you like – including your favorite online casino.

Keep in mind that there are many different prepaid cards that are currently available. Paysafecard, Revolut, and AstroPay would only be a couple of them. Before you purchase a card, make sure that the casino you usually frequent accepts it as a payment method.


Bit by bit, we’ve arrived at what seems like it could be the most popular online casino payment method in the future – crypto. Once you start looking into signing up for an online casino account, you’ll be able to notice that a lot of them offer Bitcoin as a possible way to make deposits and withdrawals. And while Bitcoin is currently the most well-known cryptocurrency, it’s closely followed by Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and the remaining cryptocurrencies.

High-rollers and those gamblers who bet on a frequent basis are the ones who are most likely to choose crypto as their preferred payment option. The reason for this is a simple one – it allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without significant fees, and it keeps you anonymous. While it might not seem like it to some, crypto is a generally safe method of payment. If you want to gamble yet stay safe during the holidays, it might be wise to look into the enchanting and constantly-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

How to pick the optimal payment method for yourself?

All you have to do is ask yourself which of the aforementioned online casino payment methods you already use. Are you used to paying for everything with prepaid cards? Do you feel most comfortable using your good old credit card? Or are you always interested in innovative things, which is why you are dabbling with crypto? Whatever the case may be, we suggest you first visit the banking and payment methods portion of a website. All the accepted options for deposit and withdrawal should be listed there, so you’ll have the most precise idea of what to expect.

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