Online Casino Security: How Playgrounds Protect

Their Users

User security and privacy are important aspects of any online business, especially those that handle sensitive information. This is why people are not too eager to trust new sites, they want for those operators to be audited by third-party review platforms. After all, payment information and their ID could end up in the wrong hands, if they make an account on a poorly secured website. Moreover, making an account with a famous operator isn’t exactly too safe either. These are big companies and are more likely to be targeted by hackers. So, let’s see what are some of the industry standards in terms of security, and what you should look for when making an account.

Licensed Operators

The first and one of the most important security measures is a license from a regulatory authority. This means that the operator adheres to all of the regulations from a certain country and is held accountable by that government. You can look at the list of safe online casinos canada and see that these are all operators licensed in a different jurisdiction. Yet, these are all licensing bodies that are approved by the Canadian government, so users know they are playing with trusted operators. That being said this is merely the first layer of protection or the bare minimum.

Different Payment Methods and Currencies

Another way to measure safety is through the available payment methods and currencies. If a gambling site accepts deposits and withdrawals via Visa and Master cards, widely used e-wallets, and regular bank transfers, it indicates they are a safe choice. Additionally, playing on online casinos with cad means you won’t have to spend more funds on currency exchange, which once again indicates that content is adapted to that specific user base. On top of that, you can find casinos that accept cryptocurrency, and this is probably as safe as it can get nowadays.

Why is Crypto the Safest Payment Method

If you only use cryptocurrency as a payment method then there is no need for you to create an account in the first place. This way even if there is a breach and someone tries to steal data there will be nothing they can get on you. Using a specific URL you are playing anonymously, and hacking your crypto account requires them to have a unique key, which is not something they can get. Lastly, the transfers are nearly real-time as there is no third party that needs to process and approve the payment, it’s all automated via blockchain.

That being said, there are certain safety measures that only banks can provide when it comes to keeping your money. If all of your savings are in crypto there is no insurance on those funds, and their value tends to fluctuate. So, just to be clear we were only talking about safety for transaction purposes, not that this is an altogether safer way to store funds.


Firewalls are one of the most common and efficient security measures. They serve multiple purposes, and there are different types of firewalls that an operator can implement. But in general, they are limiting the potential for a cyberattack, by limiting the traffic on a certain site. They reduce the number of access points and make it easier to defend against hackers, because it reduces the number of weak spots, and allows you to identify where the attack is coming from. So, they don’t make attacks impossible, they really give you a significantly better fighting chance if they occur.  

SSL Encryption

SSL encryption is another standard security measure and almost all of the quality platforms have it. If the only casino you are using has “HTTPS ” in front of its web address that means that SSL is active. This security measure ensures that data on the site stays private, as deciphering the stolen data would require an encryption key. Therefore, if data theft does occur it’s not the end of the world, in most cases, it will be just a useless string of code that hackers cannot break without the key.

User Verification 

Finally, all licensed casinos need to verify their users. This is why you are required to submit some personal documents, or even show up for a video call. It’s illegal for operators to give access to underaged users, so if someone wants to gamble and make a withdrawal they will have to verify their account and prove that it is legal for them to gamble online. This is also done to prevent someone from impersonating someone else. So even if you have your ID stolen that person won’t be able to create an online casino account in your name and verify it. 

The reason you can play anonymously by using crypto currency is that trading platforms have already done their due diligence on you. In other words, by owning cryptocurrency and a trading account you are definitely not an underaged user.

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