Online dating for those who don’t have time for a personal life


Building romantic relationships and a personal life is sometimes a complex process that requires a lot of effort from each of us. In order to build strong relationships, you need to go through several key stages: meeting, communication, sharing interests, character, temperament, values, and much more. Only when people fully open up to each other and are ready to accept each other for who they are, can really strong romantic relationships with a promising future be born.

Unfortunately, many people today simply don’t have enough time to make new acquaintances and develop relationships. They are busy with work, study, hobbies, friends and other activities that take up most of their day. Because of this, they can’t afford to regularly go out on dates, visit places where they can meet new people, or just hang out with potential partners. As a result, they feel lonely and disappointed in their personal lives.

How to meet online if you really don’t have time

Many people who completely abandon the idea of ​​making new relationships, postponing their personal lives “for the future.” And this can go on for years. This is absolutely wrong, because that way you might stay alone forever. You need to act to prevent this.

If you feel the format of classic dating sites and apps is not for you, you can try various alternatives:

  • social networks
  • themed forums and sites
  • messengers
  • random video chat (chatroulettes)
  • multiplayer video games and more

By and large, any internet platform that allows users to communicate can be a convenient tool for you to meet new people. Take advantage of this!

Charoulette: a great alternative to traditional dating

It’s not for nothing that we draw your attention to random video chat. It offers a very convenient and effective channel for meeting and communicating with new people, which opens up completely new perspectives for you. You can meet interesting people for free, easily and quickly communicate via video, and build friendships or romantic relationships in a convenient format. And who knows, perhaps this is where you will meet your future soulmate.

But here another important point arises: choosing the right chat roulette for dating.

Today there are dozens of random video chat services, and it’s easy for a beginner to get confused by this variety. Therefore, we want to simplify your task a little and recommend several worthy platforms:

  • ChatRoulette — essentially the first video chat roulette in history, which was launched back in 2009 and became extremely popular among users. Although even now ChatRoulette does not have extensive functionality, video chat still has a very large and active audience.
  • Azar — both a chat roulette and a video streaming platform. In other words you can not just meet interesting people face to face, but also create or watch video streams. Note that this format is not the best for promising acquaintances, but it’s a great way to pass the time.
  • Mambo — a fairly popular chat roulette for smartphones, which in many ways is more like a classic dating app. So if you’re more comfortable with apps like Tinder or Badoo, you might like Mambo.
  • Bigo Live — not a classic video chat roulette in the usual sense, but a video streaming service where you can host or watch broadcasts. In addition, the main theme of Bigo Live is video games. Therefore, keep in mind that the site is definitely not the most varied of all those listed.
  • CooMeet — free chatroulette, the main advantage of which is an error-free gender filter and flexible settings for searching for chat partners. For convenient communication with foreign speakers, a built-in message translator is provided. Plus CooMeet has versatile and user-friendly apps for iOS and Android. As of today, CooMeet has over 9 million active users worldwide and over 700,000 girls with verified accounts.

Random video chat apps are a real godsend for those who want to meet new people on the web without spending a lot of time and effort. Here you can meet an interesting person in just a few clicks. And due to the fact that communication takes place via video, it’ll be much easier for you to objectively assess the other person and understand whether you’re ready to develop a relationship with them.

Some useful tips for effective online dating

Sometimes what matters is not which dating service you use, but how you use it. You can be on dozens of dating sites, but still not achieve what you want. Or you can use just one site or application and find your true love very quickly.

Therefore, we want to give you some useful tips for successful online dating:

  • Be active and proactive. Don’t limit yourself to just one type of online dating. Use different services, features and capabilities. Try new communication formats such as video calls, voice messages, games, or quizzes. Come up with interesting topics for conversation or fun tasks for the other user.
  • Stay patient and flexible. Don’t expect to find your soulmate or perfect partner right away. Give yourself and the other user a chance to get to know each other better. Don’t judge people by first impressions or appearances. Be prepared for the fact that not everyone will suit or like you. Sometimes in these cases, the best solution is to move on.
  • Stay open and friendly. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation or ask questions. Show interest in your other person and their life. Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Smile and keep positive. Remember: no one wants to communicate with someone who is constantly unhappy and complains about everything. Even if you’re haunted by negative thoughts and feelings right now, this is not a reason to impose them on people on the internet.
  • Be aware of internet safety rules. Do not give your personal details, contacts or financial information to strangers. Do not agree to a meeting with a person if you are not sure of their reliability and safety. Don’t trust everything you’re told, and verify the information if possible. Also, don’t follow unverified links and don’t download files that are sent to you by strangers or unfamiliar people.

If you’re really set on serious and promising online dating, you should approach this with all responsibility and willingness to take the initiative. Otherwise, positive results may take a very long time. But we are sure you’ll succeed!

Liberate yourself for dating success

According to recent statistics, today about 18% of all marriages in the world are between people who met online. And every third adult user has used dating services at least once in their life. And this number continues to increase.

If you’ve chosen the online dating format, we strongly recommend that you use different sites to increase your chances. Explore classic dating sites and apps, random chat roulette, themed forums, social networks and so on. Your main task is to find a platform with the most interesting users. And that is where you should focus your efforts.

Finally, we’d like to offer a few more short tips for successful internet dating, which we didn’t mention above:

  • Be honest and don’t give yourself a fictional internet identity.
  • If you use traditional dating sites, fill out your profile with up-to-date information carefully and in detail.
  • Set realistic expectations and define your own dating goals: friendship, flirting, relationship, etc.

Finally, remember that if your chosen dating site does not suit you, you can always use another one. You don’t need to focus all your energies on just one app. You’ll be surprised how much your chances of success increase if you give yourself more freedom to act.

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