Online Services for People Receiving Income, Employment and Disability Supports

Work will soon begin to give Nova Scotians who receive income, employment and disability supports online access to programs and services.

The Department of Community Services has signed an agreement with information systems company, VitalHub, to improve the delivery of supports and services.

“We asked clients and they were very clear that they want online access to our services,” said Minister of Community Services Kelly Regan. “Once complete, this work will mean clients can apply for supports and work with their caseworkers without having to visit department offices.

“We also hope that clients will have easier access to other online programs that can help them move forward with their lives.”

The goal is to simplify administration, deliver services more quickly to clients and better integrate programs across government.

This agreement is part of the department’s work to transform programs and services to benefit Nova Scotians in need.

The total value of the contract is approximately $9 million over five years. Online services are expected to be available in phases over the next three years.

VitalHub is a Canadian company that develops information systems for a variety of sectors including social services, mental health, long-term care, and other health and community services.


Source : Media Release

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