Only one East Coast surfer at Cold Water Classic Canada

Cold Water Classic TofinoThe O’Neill Cold Water Classic starts today in Tofino, BC, and there may only be one surfer from Canada’s East Coast in the water.

The only surfer from the East who likely made the journey to Tofino is Halifax-area surfer Logan Landry, according to John Fluke, president of the Canadian Surfing Association (CSA).

Landry finished second in last week’s Shut Up and Surf Classic contest held at the Cow Bay Moose. Landry was also a member of the Canadian team that competed at the 2007 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championships in Costa de Caparica, Portugal.

A total of 12 surfers from the East Coast were invited to participate in a wildcard contest for Canadians that was supposed to be held on Friday and Saturday in Tofino.

The winner of the wildcard would then participate in the main event of the Cold Water Classic, the first professional surf contest ever held in Canada.

However, it appears the wildcard contest was cancelled, perhaps due to lack of participants. Instead, all invited participates will now compete in the main event. is keeping track of heats at the .

At least four other Canadians surfers are expected to participate in the contest, all of whom are from the West Coast. Those four include: Noah Cohen, who is the Canadian ambassador of the event, Peter Devries, and brothers Sepp and Raph Bruhwiler.

The lack of East Coast participation in the CWC is largely due to the high costs associated with making the long trip to Tofino, suggests Fluke.

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