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Open Heart Farming Poetry – Call for Submissions!

Whether you’re starting to look through a stack of seed catalogues, are dreaming about growing a diverse selection of greens, or eagerly anticipating that first local strawberry, perhaps you’ll want to express it in a poem!

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OPEN HEART FARMING POETRY 2015 – Call for Submissions

Residents of Nova Scotia are invited to submit poems on the themes of farming and all things food-related for the fourth annual issue of Open Heart Farming.

 Guidelines: Poems should not exceed 28 lines long or 43 spaces wide.

Please include one or two paragraphs about yourself, any personal connections to the themes, and where you live in Nova Scotia.

Email your poem to openheartfarming@gmail.com.

Deadline: Apr. 17/15.

 Visit www.ohforgery.com for more information about Open Heart Farming poetry.

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I’d like to invite you to submit a poem for the ‘Open Heart Farming’ 2015 poetry issue.  Last year’s issue included poems by FAC members Aaron Eisses, Sylvia Mangalam, and Mary Ellen Sullivan.

Now, I know some people feel they can’t write or appreciate poetry, so I want you to know that for two of the poets it was the first poem they’d written and if you look at the issues you’ll find that poems can be welcoming and enjoyable.   At readings it’s lovely to hear the sighs in the audience when a poem or phrase touches a person intimately.

I started Open Heart Farming in 2012 to provide a place where residents of Nova Scotia could share poetry about farming, food issues and the love of food.  I define “farming” very broadly; I like to think of a “farmer” as anyone who cares for the land and what it can produce.

‘Open Heart Farming’ poems are at times passionate, provocative, inspiring and fun.  They may be about current farming experiences or memories of a farm, urban gardening, food issues, or a celebration or reflection on food.  What is also integral to this little project is that poems, including classics, are read aloud at gatherings for entertainment, to raise awareness about issues, and stimulate pleasure and dialogue.   Poets have read at events and venues including the 2013 Food Gathering event in Halifax, at the Mahone Bay, Truro and Wolfville Farmers’ Markets and the Common Roots Urban Farm in Halifax.  Each year’s issue has been launched at the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia’s AGM and at the former Spring Garden Library.  We are planning a launch this year at the new Halifax Central Library.  Our poetry spreads like alfalfa and is being enjoyed world-wide!

So consider sending us a poem and please forward the call for submissions to friends or family who might be interested in submitting.

Looking forward to another great year of ‘Open Heart Farming’ poetry!

Mary Ellen Sullivan


 ‘Open Heart Farming’ poets Sylvia Mangalam, Mary Ellen Sullivan and Courtney Madore at Wolfville Farmers Market’


The ‘Open Heart Farming’ call for submissions is available at http://ohforgery.com/open-heart-farming/ as well as previous poetry issues. You’re welcome to share the issues with friends in print or online.  Legal size paper is required to print issues.  You can also check out the ‘Open Heart Farming’ blog at http://maryellensullivanblog.tumblr.com/

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