Open Heart Farming Poetry Launch – All Welcome!

Today’s post comes from Food Action Committee volunteer Mary Ellen Sullivan. Mary Ellen has found a way to link her love of poetry and local agriculture through the Open Heart Farming initiative.

Jenni Blackmore reads her poetry at Mahone Bay Farmers Market

Jenni Blackmore reads at Mahone Bay Farmers Market

‘Open Heart Farming’ is a collection of poetry by Nova Scotia poets that celebrates food and farming in voices that are passionate, poignant, political, and frolicking. Hear readings by the Open Heart Farming poets and share your own or a favourite food and farming poem at the open mic. Visit to view this issue.


Spring Garden Road Memorial Library
Tuesday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m.

This year’s ‘Open Heart Farming,’ a collection of poems about food and farming by Nova Scotia poets is out!
This simple, legal size page of poetry is available in hard copy and online at . It includes poems by three FAC members – Aaron Eisses, Sylvia Mangalam, and Mary Ellen Sullivan. This issue is dedicated to all who dream of the day when there will be food for all.

‘Open Heart Farming 2014: Stewards of the Land’ was officially launched at the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia’s AGM in Truro May 13/14. “As Farmers’ Markets bring fresh locally grown produce to the table, so OH Farming wants to bring fresh locally grown poetry to the table, as well. For generations poetry was a familiar part of human expression, but in recent times it has largely fallen out of favour – or should I say ‘flavor.’ Like farm markets, we at OH Farming want to encourage the consumption of home grown poetry, we want to bring poetry back into the realm of regular public discourse.” said Lois Brison-Brown, OHfarming poet and poetry reader at the AGM.

Check out the issue and share the word with food friendly people!

Identity Lost
Poem by Aaron Eisses
Halifax NS

The days were hard but the work was honest
There was always work, we survived
Spring was the dawn, autumn the evening
Harmony with the land, stewardship
Modern world, modern farming
Green Revolution

Security, progress
Nitrogen, bountiful
Chemicals, shortcuts
Soil, water negligence
Identity lost

Replenish life in the soil
Biology not chemistry
Reflection on the past, progress
Harmony with technology, stewardship
The days were hard but the work was honest.

Article by Mary Ellen Sullivan, ‘Open Heart Farming’ poetry harvester.

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