Open Mind – Open Spaces. Clutter clear your life!

4 week workshop, each session is 2 hours, workshop cost : $75/participant Mondays 7 – 9pm, Oct 18, 25, Nov 1 & 8 @ Prospect Road Community Centre

Workshop description:

  • Session 1: Discover your early childhood programming
  • Session 2: Explore why you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Session 3: Learn about clutter and suppressed emotions
  • Session 4: Live your dreams, identify procrastination and other road blocks

This workshop is for you, if:

  1. You would like to initiate change in your life
  2. You would like to find out, what holds you back
  3. You would like to discover why you feel overwhelmed at times
  4. You would like to throw out stuff without fear and guilt

This workshop will help you:

  1. To overcome emotional barriers
  2. To bridge the gap between knowing and letting go of stuff, unhealthy relationships,
  3. Over committing to others, over scheduling.
  4. Recognize your influence in your kid’s early childhood programming
  5. To love and respect yourself
  6. To live your dreams

Workshop format:
Exchange of ideas and experiences at your comfort level in a group setting, working with techniques to identify and ease the process to let go, sharing knowledge about types of clutter & practical ways to deal with procrastination and other road blocks. Breathing exercises and gentle movement will be integrated to support release and growth. Within each session we have the freedom to follow the momentum of the group.

Life is change, life is movement.

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