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Opi Launches Full-Size Neon Lacquers For Summer


Just in time for summer, OPI announces the launch of six new neon nail lacquers, the brand’s first full-size neon shades.

Along with the full size neon shades OPI also just launched “Put a Coat On” which is a special white base coat that instantly boosts the neon color so it’s even brighter on your nails! Recently I had the chance to test drive the new colors, and here’s a glimpse at what’s coming for summer from OPI.
With electric hues in shades of lemon-lime, tangerine, hot pink, coral, lime and purple, this line is perfect for the warmer months when hands and feet are constantly on display. Curious about the white base I had to try that first. 

 Life Gave Me Lemons

You are So Outta Lime!

Juice Bar Hoping

Hotter than You Pink

Push and Pur-Pull

Down to the Core-al

Put a Coat On! 

 What I loved about these products: 

The bright hues. There is something about summer that brings out the color enthusiast in all of us. It’s always disappointing when your nail color look much brighter in the bottle than on your finger nails. Lately I’ve been obsessed with corals, and oranges, and these two colors have been on and off my nails for the past couple weeks. I’ve been alternating various accent nails, but I keep coming back to the same two shades: “Down to the Core-al” and “Juice Bar Hoping”. I’ve used the orange “Juice Bar Hoping” on it’s own without the white base coat, and alone it’s also a great shade of orange.

The finish – Some of these colors have an almost irredesecnt hue to them. Down to the Core-al is such a pretty color, and has a really nice shine finish (I almost liken it to the inside of sea shell).

The option to make the colors brighter (or not). I think the white base coat is brilliant. How have we not thought of this sooner? I love how bright it makes the colors when applied underneath these shades.


What I didn’t love about these products: 
The extra wait time for drying when using the white base coat. I’m super impatient, and also notorious for smudging my nails once they’ve been painted. I found I had to wait for a while for the white to dry completely before adding the colored polish on top. Be sure to completely cover the white otherwise it can look a little sloppy.
Make sure to use a great top coat because the “down to the core-al” shade is gorgeous and has a really neat finish, but it chips like CRAZY. I made the mistake of avoiding a top coat to save time, and my nails were chipped within a day, and I had to repaint them. Once I added the top coat I found the longwear was drastically improved, so don’t skip it with this one.
Overall I loved these bright colors, and I also love the option to make them even brighter. Just make sure to set aside a little extra time to effectively cover up the white, and also let all the coats dry effectively. The finished product is worth the wait especially if you love a SUPER bright hue! Next up I think will be that great lime green shade! 

Hope you found this review helpful! 
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