Oprah, Tony, Deepak and Me

Oprah, Tony, Deepak and Me The story begins many years ago for me. I have always been a huge fan of Oprah, Tony, and Deepak.

For me these 3 define inspiration.

Many years ago I as everyone else started watching Oprah. I dreamed of being in her audience or sitting on her stage as a guest. That dream almost came true a number of years ago when one of her producers called me at work. You should of heard the buzz around the office, and yes my boss wanted to know why Oprah was calling me at the time. The show I was going to be on took another angle and a mom of 6 was chosen instead. It was a dashed dream.

Oprah, Tony, Deepak and Me

I did get the chance to meet Tony Robbins many years ago at one of his weekend events in Vancouver. This man is tall and strong. I remember well his lifting me off the ground and a twirl during the first night of the event, and there is nothing like a firewalk with him at the other end. Why he inspired me was something that doesn’t get talked about enough by him, the Basket Brigade. Hunger has always been an important issue to him, and through his foundation he has helped many a family, especially at Thanksgiving. Attending a weekend with Tony, helped me to make many a change in my life.

Deepak’s books, and guest appearances over the years have also inspired me and I so want to hear him now especially as I work on creating the new me.

Yesterday Toronto was buzzing, because guess who is coming to town? Oprah’s life class tour.

The festival priced ticket have already sold out. To ticket pricing starts at $169 for an evening that could change your life. I know every time I have sat and listened to these people I am encouraged to be a better me.

Last night on Twitter, I was saying I could not afford to go after the festival seating sold out and my boss offered to send me so yes I am going to the Life Class. Are you? I look forward to being inspired, encouraged and more.




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