Orlando Bound!

In T-2 days we will be eagerly on our way to Orlando for our vacation! I can hardly wait to get there and enjoy the beautiful weather and palm trees!  I plan on blogging more regularly and recap our trip.  I enjoy going back on the posts to see what we did each day!

We will be there for 10 days and is a great amount of time to balance out lots of activity with some equally important R&R. Not to mention we scored an amazing car rental package with our flights when we booked back in February and scored us a convertible!!  Booooyahhh!!  Our condo is equipped with a swimming pool & hot tub, tennis court and fully equipped gym, not to mention beautiful scenery and a perfect place to relax.  We decided we would spend 4 days doing theme parks. Realistically I don’t think my pregger stamina is going to be able to handle much more.  It was really hard to narrow down our choices once we realized there is like 3844738474 theme parks in Orlando! I had no idea!  Having never been there, I just assumed there was “Disney,” “Seaworld” and “Universal Studios.”  Little did I know that not only do all of these places have SEVERAL parks within each of them, but there’s countless other parks too!  We thought we had our choices picked and wanted to buy our tickets before we went so that we could take advantage of some of the online cheaper ticket options (we won’t likely have a printer there at the condo), but now we’re unsure!

We thought we were going to do: 1 day Animal Kingdom, 1 day Seaworld and 2 days Universal Studios, but now we’re thinking no to 2 days of Universal and adding something else.  Neither of us are big “ride” people and especially now that the little peanut is in there, so we’re more about the sights and shows.  It’s soooo hard to choose and it’s soooo ovewhelming!  We’re going to have an amazing time regardless of where we go, but don’t want to go and “not” go to something that was a “must” see!

We’re also trying to narrow down the restaurants we want to go to as well.  We won’t be dining out the entire time, just mostly while we’re out and about on the theme park days.  We’ll be hitting up Whole Foods the day we get there to stock up on food for our stay too.  I’ve already gone online and printed off coupons for Whole Foods!  I was completely blown away by my experience there in Maine and that was a highlight on it’s own! lol

So my lovelies, any last minute recommendations for places to consider going while there? Theme parks? Restaurants?

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