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Our First Family Photos!

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture If there is one thing that people were right about when giving baby advice, it is that time goes by quickly and babies grow fast. Scarlett was only six weeks old in these photos. Since then, she has already gained a few pounds, grown a few inches, and has even changed her looks (mostly due to her hair coming in on the top of her head finally, haha)!  

Because time goes by so quickly, I wanted to ensure we got some photos taken so that in years to come, I can reminisce over how small she once was…with a glass full of wine…and a face full of tears, lol. We wanted photos that were relaxed and natural- I knew Alexa and Luke of NXN Photography would be the perfect pair to capture just that. They know how camera-shy I am, so we opted to shoot the photos at home and while interacting with Scarlett. We were so comfortable and relaxed, and I love that the photos reflect that. The third photo is one of my favorites. To get Scarlett to smile for the first time(s) we would trace the outline of a heart on her face and she would brighten right up. I was so excited to flip through and find that one! The first photo of Scarlett in the seeded eucalyptus showcases her personality to a tee. She is so curious. She watches and listens to everything. It’s adorable. While taking this photo she was intently watching and listening to a dangling toy above. 

I expected that Alexa and Luke would capture frame-worthy photos. What I didn’t expect was the expression of love that they captured. The photos showcase the love we are feeling, perfectly. Check out NXN Photography HERE

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